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Mr. shoaffs clear-cut strategies to achievement - leadership


(Excerpted from the Jim Rohn Sampler lone CD)

My first mentor, Mr. Shoaff, over a six-year cycle from the time I was 25 to age 31, trained me some extraordinarily clear-cut things, beforehand his ill-timed cursory at age 49. He only went by means of the 9th grade in school. He never buffed high school, never went to college, never went to a university. So he put his experiences and ideas in very down-to-earth language, which, I think for me - kid from the farms of Idaho - was so important. When I would say, "This is all the ballet company pays. " Mr. Shoaff would say, "No, that is all they pay You. " I thought, "That is a new to look at it. " I told him equipment cost too much. But he said, "No, you can't allow them. "

Well, that was a new idea for me. He promised that if I would improve, then I would become licensed for more money. So I academic that we don't have to work on the company, we have to work on ourselves. Now if it had been technical, I would have missed it. If it had been mystic, I would have backed away. But it was just basic, blunt "a-b-c" stuff that I hadn't brain wave of before. For me it was the commencement of what he called "personal development".

Mr. Shoaff also skilled me that life puts some of the more advantageous belongings on the high shelf so that you can't get to them until you qualify. If you want the belongings on the high shelf, you must stand on the books you read. With every book you read, you get to stand a barely higher.

And the "biggie" that everlastingly had an bearing on me, "Success is amazing you catch the attention of by the character you become. " That couch altered my life. Hit is not to be pursued, but to be attracted by the character you become. Put your energy into attractive a advance you, the best you. Learn the skills. Custom the skills. Appeal to the success.

Those few clean strategies and ideas helped adjustment my life, forever, for the better. Thank you, once again, Mr. Shoaff.

To Your Success,
Jim Rohn

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