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Ten characteristics of leadership - leadership


Many ancestors are attracted in the characteristics of a great leader. There are many lists of these traits. These are quotation marks taken from an clause by Bill George ex- chairman and CEO of Medtronic. According to him the most critical trait is to be yourself!

1. Authenticity "After years of studying leaders and their traits, I consider that leadership begins and ends with authenticity. "

2. Desire to Serve Others "Authentic leaders genuinely appeal to serve others all through their leadership. "

3. Empowering People "They are more engrossed in empowering the associates they lead to make a change than they are in power, money, or esteem for themselves. "

4. Guided by Heart, passion and compassion "They are as guided by qualities of the heart, by passion, and compassion, as they are by qualities of the mind. "

5. Recognize their shortcomings "Authentic leaders use their artless abilities, but they also acknowledge their shortcomings and work hard to overcome them. "

6. Lead with Purpose "They lead with purpose, connotation and values. "

7. Build Long-term Relationships "They build lasting relationships with people. "

8. Clear Where They Stand "Others be a consequence them for the reason that they know where they stand. "

9. Refuse to Compromise "When main beliefs are tested, they decline to compromise. "

10. Develop Themselves "Authentic leaders are committed to mounting themselves since they know that attractive a guide takes a era of not public growth. "

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