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Why the miser kept winning! - leadership


I had the good destiny (or misfortune depending on your climate perspective) of breathing in Minnesota for ten years. The Summers were beautiful, Fall was spectacular with the altering insignia of the foliage on trees and frost was,?well, damn cold.

My neighbor, Harold was a nice old guy who had retired many years ago who hibernated all coldness but loved to plot for the duration of the summer. The only time I saw Harold come out of his house was to put some bird food in the feeder he'd setup on his tree in the front yard.

Every year, as coldness began to set in, I would see squirrels all about our front lawns gathering food. They'd dash about digging and prodding on tenterhooks to fill their jowls with some food and benefit to their hole.

One day I saw Harold putting some metal sheets about the base of his tree where he kept his bird feeder. I didn't appreciate why until a further fellow citizen explained to me that Harold was difficult to keep the squirrels from consumption the bird food. By putting the metal sheets about the base Harold belief the squirrels wouldn't be able to climb up the tree. The next morning, the food was gone.

Later that week I saw him wrap a serrated conduit about the base of the tree. It looked like those funnels dog's wear about their neck so it won't bite or lick its wounds. Well dream up one of those wrapped about the tree with the wide part pointing down with sharp edged. It looked like a touch out of a Frankenstein flick. Yet, the next day, the food was gone.

The subsequent week Harold figured he'd put the bird feeder on a cord and hang it from the tip of one of the branches. I accept as true his idea was that the accumulator couldn't go out to the edge of the arm for the reason that the arm wouldn't aid the consequence in so doing not allowing the collector to get to the feeder. Next day, you got it, the food was gone.

This argue connecting Harold and the miser went on for at least the 10 years I was his neighbor. I required to tell Harold that his attempts were futile and that he would never win this 'War of the Feeder'; but I didn't say anything. I just watched. It was cheap entertainment.

As this was happening, I ongoing belief about how unfair the match up was among a man and a squirrel. I didn't feel sorry for the squirrel. . . I felt sorry for Harold. Even if Harold was stronger and smarter than the squirrel, he lacked the one condition that would assure him victory, focus.

You see Harold thinks about ways of preventing the magpie from being paid the food on occasion, when he has time. The collector on the other hand has its mind on being paid that food 24 hours a day. The squirrel's very survival depends on it. Survival brings about, not just focus but an intense focus on solving a conundrum by removing an obstacle. If Harold shows that same level of 24 hour allegiance and intensity, I have my money on the collector every time.

Success is not about who is stronger. Sensation is not about who has more money. Hit is not about who has a beat GPA. Accomplishment is about who is more all ears and committed to achieving their objectives. You, the reader, can compete with any being no be of importance who they may be. The only thing you have to do is commit by hand to focusing in on the very area under discussion that happiness you. When you focus in on one thing, like the squirrel, all of your mind's assets are bound for at attaining your objective and obtaining your rewards. With focus, you begin to take in more in a row briefly for the reason that you're concerned in learning, you want know everything. You are consumed by your focus to succeed!

Harold was not an practiced in stopping squirrels; it was a task that considered necessary to be done and he attended to it when he had time. The collector on the other hand became an connoisseur at bypassing obstacles and solving evils for the reason that he all ears all its consideration on obtaining the end goal, food.

In today's market, too many colonize want to be generalist (i. e. , good at a lot of clothes or jack of all trades but master of none). But the advertise DOES NOT REWARD generalists, they REWARD experts. The advertise wants colonize who are good at doing a actual task; an expert. You want job security? Develop into an authority in your field of expertise. How do you befit an expert? Like the squirrel, you focus.

Harold was 92 and died the year we moved from Minnesota. I don't know how long Harold fought the 'War of the Feeder' but as I drove off on the last day I looked back and saw a magpie scurrying about the front lawn still demanding to get to the bird feeder that still hung from the tree. Harold was gone but the collector was still around, still strategizing and still focused. The magpie had won!

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Victor Gonzalez, top Hispanic motivational amp and creator of "The LOGIC of Success". For more info go to: www. thelogicofsuccess. com or by email victor@thelogicofsuccess. com


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